Balakrishna’s Jai Janasena slogan sparks a rift among Nandamuri fans

Balakrishna’s Jai Janasena slogan sparks a rift among Nandamuri fans. It is widely known that for the next elections in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party and Janasena made an alliance will contest in elections combined. As both the parties got involved, it became a combination of Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan from the Telugu cinema industry side.

Usually, on the movies side there is a continuous rift between Nandamuri and Mega fans and now this is creating rifts between Nandamuri fans as well. In the latest political meeting, Balakrishna said Jai Telugu Desam and Jai Janasena slogan at the end of his speech. Balakrishna’s Jai Janasena slogan sparked a rift among Nandamuri fans.

Nandamuri fans are not at all liking this and especially NTR fans, as they are completely opposing Balakrishna saying the slogan of Jai Janasena and they are giving counters that will Pawan Kalyan say Jai Telugu Desam in his speech?

Making an alliance is fine, but fans felt these slogans were not needed, and they are criticizing Balakrishna on this. However, Balakrishna fans are supporting his comments and giving it back to NTR fans. The internal war between Balakrishna and NTR fans is continuously happening. The fan wars not only impacting online, but they are showing heavy effects in offline as well.

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