Mangalavaaram day 1 box office collections

Mangalavaaram day 1 box office collections were average. It is widely known that Ajay Bhupathi’s directorial was able to create a good amount of anticipation around it, and even the bookings for the film’s paid premieres were excellent. So, the trade expected the film Mangalavaaram to take a massive opening at the box office, but Mangalavaaram’s day 1 box office collections were average.

The film did not start with expected numbers; the word of and reviews were above average to decent for the film. Though the early shows began on a pretty ordinary note, the film picked up a perfect momentum as the 2nd shows registered good occupancies and house fulls.

Overall, the film has posted in the range of 2.2 Cr share worldwide, and the theatricals are valued at 13 Cr. Today, the movie needs to collect more than yesterday’s numbers to be on track to break even.

Usually, Sunday has to be a massive day for the film, but the ODI World Cup Final will significantly impact the movie. So, Mangalavaaram’s day 1 box office collections were average, and we need to see how the film will overcome these challenges to achieve the break even.

Mangalavaaram features Payal Rajput in the lead role, and it was released on the big screens this Friday. Ajay Bhupathi is the director of the film, which also includes Ajmal Amir, Nandita Swetha, Sritej, Ajay Ghosh, and Shravan Reddy as vital characters. Ajay Bhupathi on A Creative Works and Swathi Reddy Gunupati on Mudhra Media Works collaborated to produce this rustic thriller.

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