Anti-Pakistan sentiments explode amid Afghan migrant expulsion: Pak Minister

Islamabad: Amid the Pakistan government’s crackdown to drive out all illegal migrants from the country, “anti-Pakistan sentiments” are being incited among Afghans in the neighbouring country, Pak Senator Shehzad Saleem said while addressing the upper house of parliament on Monday, media reports said.

The Pak government last month decided to deport all the undocumented foreigners living in the country in light of a surge in terrorism in Pakistan. More than 280,000 Afghan nationals have left Pakistan since the new policy was announced, according to the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR).

However, the senators demanded the repatriation of Afghans in a respectful manner during a Senate meeting today.

Saleem said that there has been a history of misunderstanding and mistrust between Islamabad and Kabul. He said that the country witnessed a spike in terrorist activities and authorities decided to send the illegal migrants back to their country to deal with the situation, Geo News reported.

“An autonomous state is responsible for ensuring the safety of life and property of its citizens,” the senator said.

He, however, added that Pakistan has to play a role in regional affairs and promote political dialogue with Afghanistan as well.

Senator Ishaq Dar while addressing the session said the refugees and migrants leaving Pakistan have the right to take their properties with them.

“If the [authorities] expel the foreigners, they should do it in a respectful manner,” Dar said, adding that the illegal migrants should be treated with dignity and respect.

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