Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 72: Rathika Rose, Shobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain involved in fiery arguments

In the 72nd episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the aggressive and fiery arguments between Rathika Rose and Priyanka Jain, Shobha Shetty, and the prolonged discussion between Arjun Ambati and Pallavi Prashanth were the main highlights.

At first, the 72nd Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 started with Ashwini crying because of Bhole elimination and Shivaji and Amar discussing nominations. After that, the BB congratulated Shivaji for becoming the house captain. Then Shivaji told Rathika that she should not lag at the nominations and to be strong.

After that, the most crucial segment of the day, the nominations process, started, where the housemates had to break the bottles on the heads of the contestants they wanted to nominate. Shivaji was exempted from the nominations as he was the captain of the house. Rathika started the nomination process and took some extra time to talk.

Rathika nominated Shobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain, and she was involved in a fiery argument with both Shobha and Priyanka. Arjun Ambati nominated Pallavi Prashanth and said that he overreacts a few times and gets influenced by others. They both had a big argument, raising their voices at each other.

Arjun Ambati also nominated Shobha Shetty and had a fiery argument. Arjun stated that Shobha failed as a captain and did not focus on the work in the house. Priyanka Jain nominated Rathika Rose, and they both had a heated argument once again. Priyanka also nominated Ashwini.

Finally, in the 72nd Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Gautam Krishna nominated Arjun Ambati and Amardeep Chaudhary. The nominations still need to be completed and will continue in tomorrow’s episode.

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