Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is likely to be extended by one more week

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is likely to be extended by one more week. The 7th Season of Bigg Boss Telugu has become a big hit. The reality game show has impressed the public with its Ulta Pulta theme, and recently, the Diwali Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was a superhit with stunning dance performances and family moments.

At first, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 was planned to last 15 weeks. Ten weeks have been completed in this season, and there are still 10 Contestants in the Bigg Boss house. It is widely known that only the top 5 contestants can enter in the last week.

So, five contestants need to be eliminated in the next four weeks. Now, the buzz is that the management of Bigg Boss plans to extend this season for one more week, which has a lot of advantages.

As said above, this season of Bigg Boss Telugu is a huge success compared to the last season. Now, the voting percentage differences for the contestants are getting closer, so even the viewers cannot decide who is a clear winner even after ten episodes.

If the season gets one more week, it will benefit the management as the season is getting a good response. If they do not want to extend the season, they have only one choice. That is putting up a double elimination in a weekend, but most likely, the team is expected to extend the season for another week.


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