Israel occupation responsible for crimes against Palestinians: Saudi Prince

Riyadh: Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Saturday that the Kingdom holds the ‘Israeli occupation’ responsible for the ‘crimes’ committed against the Palestinians, Arab News reported.

It reported that the Saudi Prince, while giving remarks at the Arab Islamic Summit, reiterated the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and stressed the Kingdom’s ‘unequivocal’ rejection of the continued Israeli aggression in Gaza and forced displacement of residents.

He pointed to the ‘double standards’ in applying international humanitarian law, condemning the international community’s silence towards the violations against the Palestinian civilians.

While attending the Arab-Islamic Summit, which aimed to discuss the ongoing situation in Gaza, he added, “We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe that testifies to the failure of the UN Security Council and the international community to put an end to the Israeli violations – a matter that demonstrates double standards.”

The crown prince reiterated calls for an immediate end to the military aggression in Gaza and the release of hostages to save lives.

He called for a coordinated, collective effort among Arab and Islamic states to take effective action to lift the siege and deliver humanitarian and relief aid into Gaza, Arab News reported.

“The Kingdom has made tireless efforts since the beginning of the aggression in Gaza and has continued consultations to stop the war.”

He stressed that the only solution to achieve stability in the region is to end the occupation and the establishment of settlements.

“A Palestinian state must be established on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” said the crown prince.

Saudi Arabia hosted the emergency summit in response to the exceptional circumstances taking place in the Palestinian Gaza Strip as countries feel the need to unify efforts and come out with a unified collective position, Arab News reported.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while speaking at the event said that the Islamic world has a united stance towards the ongoing situation in Gaza, Arab News reported.

Erdogan also added that the International community is silent regarding what is happening in Gaza and is not even calling for a ceasefire.

Arab News reported that on November 4, the Turkish leader said, “I attach great importance to the OIC summit. In Riyadh, we will both push for a ceasefire and carry out preliminary work regarding procedures and principles.”

His potential attendance at the summit underscores Turkiye’s dedication to the Palestinian cause and regional efforts to de-escalate the situation in Gaza.

Turkiye, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt, had been working closely on a swap deal to release 240 Israeli hostages taken by Hamas in exchange for Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Moreover, the President of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Manfi, Pakistan’s caretaker prime minister, Anwarul Haq Kakar, and Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim also arrived in Riyadh for the summit.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Saudi Arabia to participate in the OIC summit in Riyadh on Saturday, which aimed to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, The Times of Israel reported.

In a video from the airport, the Iranian president was seen wearing a traditional Palestinian keffiyeh scarf, greeting Saudi officials after disembarking from his plane.

Iranian President Raisi will attend the summit focused on addressing the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which is set to take place on Sunday, according to an IRNA report.

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