War 2 – A big challenge for NTR

War 2 is a big challenge for NTR. It is widely known that the young tiger NTR, who appeared in the global blockbuster, had signed War 2 with Yash Raj Films, and he will star alongside Hrithik Roshan in the film. When NTR was announced to be a part of War 2, everyone thought it would be a perfect platform for NTR to debut in Bollywood, but now the audience and even fans feel that War 2 is a big challenge for NTR.

There are many issues with the film. Firstly, the Spy Series is not working for South Indian audiences as those movies are only performed in the Hindi belts. This is the major concern, and the issue is the films. Spy Universe does not have strong emotions, which the South Indian audience needs.

The NTR brand will be able to pull the southern audience for War 2, but it should record numbers here because NTR is a big star in Telugu. But if there is no emotion in the film, then it cannot score big numbers. The second thing is the writing of the Spy Series films.

There are mostly weak characterizations in the Spy Series films. Undoubtedly, they offer a lot of action, but on the writing side, the movies are fragile, and the main concern is the characters of antagonists.

The YRF Spy Series films have very silly characterization for villains, and NTR is expected to play the villain in War 2; the director of the movie is Ayan Mukerji, whose previous film Brahmastra also had plenty of action part, but he did not deal the villain thread correctly, and it was poorly written.

There is another tension for NTR fans, I.e., Tiger 3’s box office performance. If Tiger 3 had created the records, it would have been a big boost for War 2, the next film in the Spy Series. That is why War 2 is a big challenge for NTR.

But the film Tiger 3 underperforming at the box office indicates Bollywood audiences could be more excited about Spy Universe films. We have to wait and see how NTR overcomes all these challenges.

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