WhatsApp working on secret code feature for locked chats on Android

San Francisco: Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new secret code feature for locked chats on Android to some beta testers.

According to WABetaInfo, a new settings section might be available within the list of users’ locked chats, providing them with the option to hide the entry point to open locked chats.

“Specifically, after configuring a secret code, the entry point to view locked chats will no longer appear in the chat list. Instead, users can access these chats by entering the secret code into the search bar within the Chats tab,” the report noted.

With this feature, the report mentioned that users gain enhanced privacy by removing the entry point to the locked chats list, others won’t be able to easily identify or access the conversations that are locked. This will ensure that others can’t easily identify or access these secured conversations, effectively preventing accidental or unauthorised entry into sensitive discussions.

With the locked chats list hidden, even if someone gains physical access to a user’s phone, they won’t be able to see your sensitive conversations.

In addition, hiding the list of locked conversations helps prevent exposure because anyone can understand that there may be some locked conversations, according to the report. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has added a new ‘Protect IP Address in Calls’ option that helps hide your location from other parties on the call.

The new option hides your IP address from the other party by relaying calls through WhatsApp Servers, ensuring that other parties in the call cannot see your IP and subsequently deduce your general geographical location.

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